everything lasts forever nothing lasts forever


everything lasts forever nothing lasts forever
14th April – 23rd August 2015
The New Art Gallery Wallsal

Following a period of research and development in the Artists’ Studio earlier this year, Elizabeth Rowe embarked on an ambitious site responsive wall collage for the Garman Ryan Hall, bringing together film posters with seemingly disparate media images selected from newspapers and magazines. Taking the Buddhist concept of ‘Anicca’ or impermanence as a starting point, Elizabeth continually changed the work over a six-week period so that it remained in a constant state of flux. Paper cut outs were positioned, moved around, re-positioned and over-painted, a process that the artist repeated until the end of the residency period. The resulting wall work is a documentation of Elizabeth’s process and makes reference to scientific and philosophical ideas as well as the question of how far media images might be useful for imagining the world and our place within it.